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DLL provided by Corel

For provider Corel we list those DLLs:

scint78.dll, ver. 7.467 (scint78, nt78, scin), size 401 kB
dvres7us.dll, ver. 7, 0, 1, 140 (dvres7us, s7us, dvre), size 10 kB
evyxh7.dll, ver. (evyxh7, yxh7, evyx), size 139 kB
evyxh7us.dll, ver. (evyxh7us, h7us, evyx), size 21 kB
cvccst80.dll, ver. (cvccst80, st80, cvcc), size 526 kB

cvcmin80.dll, ver. (cvcmin80, in80, cvcm), size 426 kB
cvcore80.dll, ver. (cvcore80, re80, cvco), size 228 kB
cvctyp80.dll, ver. (cvctyp80, yp80, cvct), size 333 kB
pfit80.dll, ver. (pfit80, it80, pfit), size 1290 kB
pfit80en.dll, ver. (pfit80en, 80en, pfit), size 978 kB
caphk80.dll, ver. 8.232 (caphk80, hk80, caph), size 10 kB
capintl.dll, ver. 8.232 (capintl, intl, capi), size 764 kB
cdrcpr80.dll, ver. 8.232 (cdrcpr80, pr80, cdrc), size 119 kB
cdrhlp80.dll, ver. 8.232 (cdrhlp80, lp80, cdrh), size 6 kB
cdrico80.dll, ver. 8.232 (cdrico80, co80, cdri), size 68 kB
cdrpsi80.dll, ver. 8.232 (cdrpsi80, si80, cdrp), size 689 kB
cdrtxr80.dll, ver. 8.232 (cdrtxr80, xr80, cdrt), size 123 kB
cfgintl.dll, ver. 8.232 (cfgintl, intl, cfgi), size 602 kB
CMFFnd80.dll, ver. 8.232 (CMFFnd80, nd80, CMFF), size 157 kB
CNSFlt80.dll, ver. 8.232 (CNSFlt80, lt80, CNSF), size 5790 kB
convintl.dll, ver. 8.230 (convintl, intl, conv), size 407 kB
CRLCTL80.dll, ver. 8.232 (CRLCTL80, TL80, CRLC), size 554 kB
CRLUI80.dll, ver. 8.232 (CRLUI80, UI80, CRLU), size 954 kB
drawintl.dll, ver. 8.233 (drawintl, intl, draw), size 5947 kB
MFIndexerIntl.dll, ver. 8.232 (MFIndexerIntl, Intl, MFIn), size 9 kB
Mos1680.dll, ver. 5.00.G1 (Mos1680, 1680, Mos1), size 76 kB
Mos3280.dll, ver. 8.226 (Mos3280, 3280, Mos3), size 5 kB
pntintl.dll, ver. 8.232 (pntintl, intl, pnti), size 3832 kB
qd3dts80.dll, ver. 8.232 (qd3dts80, ts80, qd3d), size 6 kB
sccomp78.dll, ver. 7.467 (sccomp78, mp78, scco), size 365 kB
sccres78.dll, ver. 7.467 (sccres78, es78, sccr), size 110 kB
sceres78.dll, ver. 7.467 (sceres78, es78, scer), size 543 kB
sceshl78.dll, ver. 7.467 (sceshl78, hl78, sces), size 42 kB
scnintl.dll, ver. 8.232 (scnintl, intl, scni), size 2128 kB
scnres.dll, ver. 8.232 (scnres, nres, scnr), size 2008 kB
trcintl.dll, ver. 8.232 (trcintl, intl, trci), size 2657 kB
wtld80cz.dll, ver. (wtld80cz, 80cz, wtld), size 44 kB
wtld80xx.dll, ver. (wtld80xx, 80xx, wtld), size 17 kB
wtli80.dll, ver. (wtli80, li80, wtli), size 493 kB
wtui80cz.dll, ver. (wtui80cz, 80cz, wtui), size 79 kB
wtui80en.dll, ver. (wtui80en, 80en, wtui), size 80 kB

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