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DLL provided by Macromedia

For provider Macromedia we list those DLLs:

SwSupport.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (SwSupport, port, SwSu), size 52 kB
SwDir.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (SwDir, wDir, SwDi), size 54 kB
Control.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (Control, trol, Cont), size 488 kB
dirapi.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (dirapi, rapi, dira), size 1456 kB
DynaPlayer.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (DynaPlayer, ayer, Dyna), size 24 kB

iml32.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (iml32, ml32, iml3), size 616 kB
Plugin.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (Plugin, ugin, Plug), size 244 kB
PluginPing.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (PluginPing, Ping, Plug), size 388 kB
Proj.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (Proj, Proj, Proj), size 148 kB
SwMenu.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (SwMenu, Menu, SwMe), size 84 kB
SwOnce.dll, ver. 10.0.1r4 (SwOnce, Once, SwOn), size 96 kB
npswf32.dll, ver. 4,0,7,0 (npswf32, wf32, npsw), size 240 kB
SWDIR.DLL, ver. 7.0r204 (SWDIR, WDIR, SWDI), size 292 kB
DIRAPI.DLL, ver. 7.0r201 (DIRAPI, RAPI, DIRA), size 936 kB
IML32.DLL, ver. 7.0r201 (IML32, ML32, IML3), size 380 kB
Control.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (Control, trol, Cont), size 524 kB
dirapi.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (dirapi, rapi, dira), size 1216 kB
DynaPlay.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (DynaPlay, Play, Dyna), size 24 kB
iml32.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (iml32, ml32, iml3), size 540 kB
Plugin.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (Plugin, ugin, Plug), size 248 kB
PluginPi.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (PluginPi, inPi, Plug), size 400 kB
proj.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (proj, proj, proj), size 132 kB
SwDir.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (SwDir, wDir, SwDi), size 48 kB
Swmenu.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (Swmenu, menu, Swme), size 84 kB
SwOnce.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (SwOnce, Once, SwOn), size 104 kB
SwSuppor.dll, ver. 8.0r196 (SwSuppor, ppor, SwSu), size 88 kB
Dirapi.dll, ver. 6.0.1r118 (Dirapi, rapi, Dira), size 775 kB
Iml32.dll, ver. 6.0.1r118 (Iml32, ml32, Iml3), size 472 kB
SwDir.dll, ver. 6, 0, 1, 6118 (SwDir, wDir, SwDi), size 69 kB

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