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DLL provided by PHP

For provider PHP we list those DLLs:

php_bz2.dll, ver. (php_bz2, _bz2, php_), size 69 kB
php_curl.dll, ver. (php_curl, curl, php_), size 209 kB
php_dba.dll, ver. (php_dba, _dba, php_), size 389 kB
php_dbase.dll, ver. (php_dbase, base, php_), size 37 kB
php_exif.dll, ver. (php_exif, exif, php_), size 57 kB

php_fdf.dll, ver. (php_fdf, _fdf, php_), size 45 kB
php_filepro.dll, ver. (php_filepro, epro, php_), size 29 kB
php_gd2.dll, ver. (php_gd2, _gd2, php_), size 917 kB
php_gettext.dll, ver. (php_gettext, text, php_), size 45 kB
php_gmp.dll, ver. (php_gmp, _gmp, php_), size 129 kB
php_ifx.dll, ver. (php_ifx, _ifx, php_), size 65 kB
php_imap.dll, ver. (php_imap, imap, php_), size 661 kB
php_interbase.dll, ver. (php_interbase, base, php_), size 69 kB
php_ldap.dll, ver. (php_ldap, ldap, php_), size 125 kB
php_mbstring.dll, ver. (php_mbstring, ring, php_), size 1649 kB
php_mcrypt.dll, ver. (php_mcrypt, rypt, php_), size 41 kB
php_mhash.dll, ver. (php_mhash, hash, php_), size 25 kB
php_mime_magic.dll, ver. (php_mime_magic, agic, php_), size 33 kB
php_ming.dll, ver. (php_ming, ming, php_), size 321 kB
php_msql.dll, ver. (php_msql, msql, php_), size 33 kB
php_mssql.dll, ver. (php_mssql, ssql, php_), size 49 kB
php_mysql.dll, ver. (php_mysql, ysql, php_), size 49 kB
php_mysqli.dll, ver. (php_mysqli, sqli, php_), size 85 kB
php_oci8.dll, ver. (php_oci8, oci8, php_), size 93 kB
php_openssl.dll, ver. (php_openssl, nssl, php_), size 61 kB
php_pdo.dll, ver. (php_pdo, _pdo, php_), size 81 kB
php_pdo_firebird.dll, ver. (php_pdo_firebird, bird, php_), size 33 kB
php_pdo_mssql.dll, ver. (php_pdo_mssql, ssql, php_), size 25 kB
php_pdo_mysql.dll, ver. (php_pdo_mysql, ysql, php_), size 29 kB
php_pdo_oci.dll, ver. (php_pdo_oci, _oci, php_), size 33 kB
php_pdo_oci8.dll, ver. (php_pdo_oci8, oci8, php_), size 33 kB
php_pdo_odbc.dll, ver. (php_pdo_odbc, odbc, php_), size 29 kB
php_pdo_pgsql.dll, ver. (php_pdo_pgsql, gsql, php_), size 81 kB
php_pdo_sqlite.dll, ver. (php_pdo_sqlite, lite, php_), size 249 kB
php_pgsql.dll, ver. (php_pgsql, gsql, php_), size 153 kB
php_pspell.dll, ver. (php_pspell, pell, php_), size 37 kB
php_shmop.dll, ver. (php_shmop, hmop, php_), size 25 kB
php_snmp.dll, ver. (php_snmp, snmp, php_), size 245 kB
php_soap.dll, ver. (php_soap, soap, php_), size 221 kB
php_sockets.dll, ver. (php_sockets, kets, php_), size 49 kB
php_sqlite.dll, ver. (php_sqlite, lite, php_), size 237 kB
php_sybase_ct.dll, ver. (php_sybase_ct, e_ct, php_), size 45 kB
php_tidy.dll, ver. (php_tidy, tidy, php_), size 241 kB
php_xmlrpc.dll, ver. (php_xmlrpc, lrpc, php_), size 73 kB
php_xsl.dll, ver. (php_xsl, _xsl, php_), size 201 kB
php5ts.dll, ver. (php5ts, p5ts, php5), size 4465 kB
php4ts.dll, ver. (php4ts, p4ts, php4), size 1424 kB
php5isapi.dll, ver. (php5isapi, sapi, php5), size 29 kB
php5apache.dll, ver. (php5apache, ache, php5), size 37 kB
php5apache2.dll, ver. (php5apache2, che2, php5), size 37 kB
php5apache_hooks.dll, ver. (php5apache_hooks, ooks, php5), size 53 kB
php5nsapi.dll, ver. (php5nsapi, sapi, php5), size 29 kB

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