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List of all processes in DB (36401-36500 )

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dcolor.exe (color, dolor, dclor, dcoor, dcolr, dcolo, lor, dco)
dcomcnfg.exe (comcnfg, domcnfg, dcmcnfg, dcocnfg, dcomnfg, dcomcfg, nfg, dco)
dcp.exe (cp, dp, dc, dcp, dcp)
dcrypt.exe (crypt, drypt, dcypt, dcrpt, dcryt, dcryp, ypt, dcr)
dcstor32.exe (cstor32, dstor32, dctor32, dcsor32, dcstr32, dcsto32, r32, dcs)

dcxspui.exe (cxspui, dxspui, dcspui, dcxpui, dcxsui, dcxspi, pui, dcx)
dd_clock.exe (d_clock, d_clock, ddclock, dd_lock, dd_cock, dd_clck, ock, dd_)
ddeserver.exe (deserver, deserver, ddserver, ddeerver, ddesrver, ddesever, ver, dde)
ddeshare.exe (deshare, deshare, ddshare, ddehare, ddesare, ddeshre, are, dde)
ddhelper32.exe (dhelper32, dhelper32, ddelper32, ddhlper32, ddheper32, ddheler32, r32, ddh)
ddictate.exe (dictate, dictate, ddctate, dditate, ddicate, ddictte, ate, ddi)
ddisrvsr.exe (disrvsr, disrvsr, ddsrvsr, ddirvsr, ddisvsr, ddisrsr, vsr, ddi)
ddl_gps.exe (dl_gps, dl_gps, dd_gps, ddlgps, ddl_ps, ddl_gs, gps, ddl)
ddmserv.exe (dmserv, dmserv, ddserv, ddmerv, ddmsrv, ddmsev, erv, ddm)
ddnsclient.exe (dnsclient, dnsclient, ddsclient, ddnclient, ddnslient, ddnscient, ent, ddn)
ddstub.exe (dstub, dstub, ddtub, ddsub, ddstb, ddstu, tub, dds)
ddusrv.exe (dusrv, dusrv, ddsrv, ddurv, ddusv, ddusr, srv, ddu)
ddutray.exe (dutray, dutray, ddtray, dduray, ddutay, ddutry, ray, ddu)
dealbook 360.exe (ealbook 360, dalbook 360, delbook 360, deabook 360, dealook 360, dealbok 360, 360, dea)
dealio deskbar.exe (ealio deskbar, dalio deskbar, delio deskbar, deaio deskbar, dealo deskbar, deali deskbar, bar, dea)
deborah.exe (eborah, dborah, deorah, debrah, deboah, deborh, rah, deb)
declntnt50.exe (eclntnt50, dclntnt50, delntnt50, decntnt50, decltnt50, declnnt50, t50, dec)
deconfig.exe (econfig, dconfig, deonfig, decnfig, decofig, deconig, fig, dec)
dedvcstatus.exe (edvcstatus, ddvcstatus, devcstatus, dedcstatus, dedvstatus, dedvctatus, tus, ded)
deeenes.exe (eeenes, deenes, deenes, deenes, deeees, deeens, nes, dee)
deepinsight.exe (eepinsight, depinsight, depinsight, deeinsight, deepnsight, deepisight, ght, dee)
deepnet.exe (eepnet, depnet, depnet, deenet, deepet, deepnt, net, dee)
defensewall.exe (efensewall, dfensewall, deensewall, defnsewall, defesewall, defenewall, all, def)
defergui.exe (efergui, dfergui, deergui, defrgui, defegui, deferui, gui, def)
defscangui.exe (efscangui, dfscangui, descangui, defcangui, defsangui, defscngui, gui, def)
delayrun.exe (elayrun, dlayrun, deayrun, delyrun, delarun, delayun, run, del)
delete blue.exe (elete blue, dlete blue, deete blue, delte blue, delee blue, delet blue, lue, del)
delivery.exe (elivery, dlivery, deivery, delvery, deliery, delivry, ery, del)
deliverymanager.exe (eliverymanager, dliverymanager, deiverymanager, delverymanager, delierymanager, delivrymanager, ger, del)
dellhelp.exe (ellhelp, dllhelp, delhelp, delhelp, dellelp, dellhlp, elp, del)

delserial.exe (elserial, dlserial, deserial, delerial, delsrial, delseial, ial, del)
deltapnl.exe (eltapnl, dltapnl, detapnl, delapnl, deltpnl, deltanl, pnl, del)
deltaserverservice.exe (eltaserverservice, dltaserverservice, detaserverservice, delaserverservice, deltserverservice, deltaerverservice, ice, del)
deluogps toolkit.exe (eluogps toolkit, dluogps toolkit, deuogps toolkit, delogps toolkit, delugps toolkit, deluops toolkit, kit, del)
demntrservice.exe (emntrservice, dmntrservice, dentrservice, demtrservice, demnrservice, demntservice, ice, dem)
demosms.exe (emosms, dmosms, deosms, demsms, demoms, demoss, sms, dem)
depends.exe (epends, dpends, deends, depnds, depeds, depens, nds, dep)
deploy.exe (eploy, dploy, deloy, depoy, deply, deplo, loy, dep)
deprohttpd.exe (eprohttpd, dprohttpd, derohttpd, depohttpd, deprhttpd, deprottpd, tpd, dep)
des2k60.exe (es2k60, ds2k60, de2k60, desk60, des260, des2k0, k60, des)
deshell50.exe (eshell50, dshell50, dehell50, desell50, deshll50, deshel50, l50, des)
desk95.exe (esk95, dsk95, dek95, des95, desk5, desk9, k95, des)
deskalarm.exe (eskalarm, dskalarm, dekalarm, desalarm, desklarm, deskaarm, arm, des)
deskboard.exe (eskboard, dskboard, dekboard, desboard, deskoard, deskbard, ard, des)
deskcal.exe (eskcal, dskcal, dekcal, descal, deskal, deskcl, cal, des)
deskclock.exe (eskclock, dskclock, dekclock, desclock, desklock, deskcock, ock, des)
deskingapplauncher.exe (eskingapplauncher, dskingapplauncher, dekingapplauncher, desingapplauncher, deskngapplauncher, deskigapplauncher, her, des)
desking.exe (esking, dsking, deking, desing, deskng, deskig, ing, des)
deskoff.exe (eskoff, dskoff, dekoff, desoff, deskff, deskof, off, des)
deskping.exe (eskping, dskping, dekping, desping, desking, deskpng, ing, des)
desksatwill.exe (esksatwill, dsksatwill, deksatwill, dessatwill, deskatwill, deskstwill, ill, des)
desksaver.exe (esksaver, dsksaver, deksaver, dessaver, deskaver, desksver, ver, des)
deskslide.exe (eskslide, dskslide, dekslide, desslide, desklide, deskside, ide, des)
desksweeper.exe (esksweeper, dsksweeper, deksweeper, dessweeper, deskweeper, deskseeper, per, des)
desktopalert_1972696.exe (esktopalert_1972696, dsktopalert_1972696, dektopalert_1972696, destopalert_1972696, deskopalert_1972696, desktpalert_1972696, 696, des)
desktopalert_705071.exe (esktopalert_705071, dsktopalert_705071, dektopalert_705071, destopalert_705071, deskopalert_705071, desktpalert_705071, 071, des)
desktopcalendar.exe (esktopcalendar, dsktopcalendar, dektopcalendar, destopcalendar, deskopcalendar, desktpcalendar, dar, des)
desktop calendar reminder.exe (esktop calendar reminder, dsktop calendar reminder, dektop calendar reminder, destop calendar reminder, deskop calendar reminder, desktp calendar reminder, der, des)
desktop calendar xp.exe (esktop calendar xp, dsktop calendar xp, dektop calendar xp, destop calendar xp, deskop calendar xp, desktp calendar xp, xp, des)
desktopsearchuk.exe (esktopsearchuk, dsktopsearchuk, dektopsearchuk, destopsearchuk, deskopsearchuk, desktpsearchuk, huk, des)
desktop_secretary.exe (esktop_secretary, dsktop_secretary, dektop_secretary, destop_secretary, deskop_secretary, desktp_secretary, ary, des)
desktopsuite.exe (esktopsuite, dsktopsuite, dektopsuite, destopsuite, deskopsuite, desktpsuite, ite, des)
desktoptool.exe (esktoptool, dsktoptool, dektoptool, destoptool, deskoptool, desktptool, ool, des)
desktopweather_1634088.exe (esktopweather_1634088, dsktopweather_1634088, dektopweather_1634088, destopweather_1634088, deskopweather_1634088, desktpweather_1634088, 088, des)
desktopweather_1714429.exe (esktopweather_1714429, dsktopweather_1714429, dektopweather_1714429, destopweather_1714429, deskopweather_1714429, desktpweather_1714429, 429, des)
desktopweather_2876308.exe (esktopweather_2876308, dsktopweather_2876308, dektopweather_2876308, destopweather_2876308, deskopweather_2876308, desktpweather_2876308, 308, des)
desktopweather_705071.exe (esktopweather_705071, dsktopweather_705071, dektopweather_705071, destopweather_705071, deskopweather_705071, desktpweather_705071, 071, des)
desktopxpadd.exe (esktopxpadd, dsktopxpadd, dektopxpadd, destopxpadd, deskopxpadd, desktpxpadd, add, des)
deskund.exe (eskund, dskund, dekund, desund, desknd, deskud, und, des)
desproxy.exe (esproxy, dsproxy, deproxy, desroxy, despoxy, desprxy, oxy, des)
detectmode.exe (etectmode, dtectmode, deectmode, detctmode, detetmode, detecmode, ode, det)
Determining whether processlibrary.dll is a virus or a legitimate Windows DLL depends on the directo (etermining whether processlibrary, Dtermining whether processlibrary, Deermining whether processlibrary, Detrmining whether processlibrary, Detemining whether processlibrary, Deterining whether processlibrary, ary, Det)
Determining whether processlibraryui.dll is a virus or a legitimate Windows DLL depends on the direc (etermining whether processlibraryui, Dtermining whether processlibraryui, Deermining whether processlibraryui, Detrmining whether processlibraryui, Detemining whether processlibraryui, Deterining whether processlibraryui, yui, Det)
detsvc.exe (etsvc, dtsvc, desvc, detvc, detsc, detsv, svc, det)
deuce.exe (euce, duce, dece, deue, deuc, uce, deu)
deumgr.exe (eumgr, dumgr, demgr, deugr, deumr, deumg, mgr, deu)
devicelistener.exe (evicelistener, dvicelistener, deicelistener, devcelistener, devielistener, deviclistener, ner, dev)
devilteam++.exe (evilteam++, dvilteam++, deilteam++, devlteam++, deviteam++, devileam++, m++, dev)
devinf.exe (evinf, dvinf, deinf, devnf, devif, devin, inf, dev)
devldr.exe (evldr, dvldr, deldr, devdr, devlr, devld, ldr, dev)
devrf.exe (evrf, dvrf, derf, devf, devr, vrf, dev)
dewanejapro.exe (ewanejapro, dwanejapro, deanejapro, dewnejapro, dewaejapro, dewanjapro, pro, dew)
dfkndyi.exe (fkndyi, dkndyi, dfndyi, dfkdyi, dfknyi, dfkndi, dyi, dfk)
dfrgntfs1.exe (frgntfs1, drgntfs1, dfgntfs1, dfrntfs1, dfrgtfs1, dfrgnfs1, fs1, dfr)
dfsetup101[1].exe (fsetup101[1], dsetup101[1], dfetup101[1], dfstup101[1], dfseup101[1], dfsetp101[1], [1], dfs)
dfsetup101.exe (fsetup101, dsetup101, dfetup101, dfstup101, dfseup101, dfsetp101, 101, dfs) (fsvc, dsvc, dfvc, dfsc, dfsv, svc, dfs)
dfueman.exe (fueman, dueman, dfeman, dfuman, dfuean, dfuemn, man, dfu)
dfview.exe (fview, dview, dfiew, dfvew, dfviw, dfvie, iew, dfv)
dfw.exe (fw, dw, df, dfw, dfw)
dgiaman.exe (giaman, diaman, dgaman, dgiman, dgiaan, dgiamn, man, dgi)
dglsvcmain.exe (glsvcmain, dlsvcmain, dgsvcmain, dglvcmain, dglscmain, dglsvmain, ain, dgl)
dgnuiasvr.exe (gnuiasvr, dnuiasvr, dguiasvr, dgniasvr, dgnuasvr, dgnuisvr, svr, dgn)
dgprpsetup.exe (gprpsetup, dprpsetup, dgrpsetup, dgppsetup, dgprsetup, dgprpetup, tup, dgp)
dgrpencx.exe (grpencx, drpencx, dgpencx, dgrencx, dgrpncx, dgrpecx, ncx, dgr)

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