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batch or vbs forced BSOD

Is there a way is batch or vbs to force the blue screen of death to appear, or a forced crash. This can happen from stopping the process 'csrss.exe' but it wont close via simple batch or vbs script. How can this be done?

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Is it possible to get the “Image Path Name” of csrss.exe which is a SYSTEM process?
Hunting down application errors coming from csrss.exe
batch or vbs forced BSOD
Is there a way to inject behavior to csrss.exe and modify/enhance windows console?
make a windows 7 machine crash on BSOD
What does the csrss.exe process do?
is ??c:windows path legitimate

csrss.exe: Is it possible to get the “Image Path Name” of csrss.exe which is a SYSTEM process?

The windows system process (in Windows 7 for this example) 'csrss.exe' runs as a SYSTEM process and when I go to get (programmatically, of course) the process list with pid, command line, and image path name I get no values for command line or image path name because Windows won't let you grab that information for a SYSTEM process (I believe).

Is there a way I can grab image path name from a SYSTEM process? Does Windows actually prevent you from doing this? Is there a workaround?


csrss.exe: Hunting down application errors coming from csrss.exe

I'm the maintainer of a legacy Delphi application. On machines running this program an Application Error appears sometimes with the caption referring to this Delphi app and a message like the following:

The instruction at '...' referenced memory at '...'. The memory could not be 'read'.

Click on OK to terminate the program.

Task Manager says the process belonging to this message box is csrss.exe. What would be a systematic way to find the root cause of this e

csrss.exe: batch or vbs forced BSOD

Is there a way is batch or vbs to force the blue screen of death to appear, or a forced crash. This can happen from stopping the process 'csrss.exe' but it wont close via simple batch or vbs script. How can this be done?

csrss.exe: Is there a way to inject behavior to csrss.exe and modify/enhance windows console?

I'm aware of Console2 and similar solutions, but I would really like to enhance every console window in my system. Any ideas?

csrss.exe: make a windows 7 machine crash on BSOD

I'm trying to write a windows debug utility and I would need to automatically crash a Windows machine and make a Blue Screen Of Death appear.

I can obviously kill the csrss.exe process from the task manager, but the command TASKKILL /F /IM csrss.exe in a .bat file doesn't work.

Is there another way to make a Windows machine crash on bsod? Maybe some external library able to kill any process.

I would prefer to use a command line approach since I'm more familiar with it.

csrss.exe: What does the csrss.exe process do?

What is the purpose of the csrss.exe (Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem) on Windows?

Maybe someone could give a good explanation or pointers to documentation? Unfortunately Google results are pretty noisy when searching a core process of Windows.

The reason I'm asking is that I got a BSOD from my service application which seems to be related to the csrss.exe process, at least this is what the analysis of the memory dump shows:



csrss.exe: is ??c:windows path legitimate

I am going to check loading and memory path of process to find malicious processes. for example if csrss.exe is executaed from other path than windows/system32 would be considered malicious. But the result of volatility for common process such as csrss.exe is as follow:

loading path : ??C:WINDOWSsystem32csrss.exe

mapped path : WINDOWSsystem32csrss.exe

or for sms.exe I have

loading path : SystemRootSystem32smss.exe

mapped path : WINDOWSsystem32smss.

ntkrnlpa.exe: Unusual high cpu utilization in ntkrnlpa:FsRtlAreNamesEqual and ntkrnlpa:RtlUpcaseUnicodeString

I am profiling a networking workload application on Windows XP. The VTune profiling result shows unusual high utilization on ntkrnlpa:FsRtlAreNamesEqual and ntkrnlpa:RtlUpcaseUnicodeString functions. From the module level, the workload spends 73% cpu time in ntkrnlpa.exe. In ntkrnlpa.exe module, 42% time is spent in FsRtlAreNamesEqual function and 36% time is spent in RtlUpcaseUnicodeString function.
Apparently these two functions are kernel functions, so they must be triggered by some system

java.exe: Regarding killing a particular Java.exe

I have java application say xxxx.exe. Which I manually kill that application, the corresponding Java.exe is still bound to the port, so that when I re-start my application. I cannot attach it to the port. When I check the log it says the connection is already established. JVM unable to bind?

When you kill the applicationname.exe, how would you force the corresponding java.exe file also to be killed?

ntkrnlpa.exe: IE hanging with 100% CPU / Got stack trace

I have a situation where IE7 hangs accessing my web app. Based on the excellent suggestion from George V. Reilly, I installed WinDbg to download the IE symbols, setup Process Explorer to use those symbols, and then used Process Explorer to get a stack trace for the hung thread.

I have pasted the stack trace below. Does someone more familiar with the IE internals have an idea of what is happening, or a suggestion on how to progress with this?


wmiprvse.exe: Why is a WPF TextBox sending wmiprvse.exe out of control?

I have been working on an application, and was trying to figure out why my CPU usage was hitting 80-100%.

I narrowed it down to the TextBox controls in my WPF page. It turns out that if I put focus on them it would start hammering the wmiprvse.exe process. This sent my overall CPU usage up to 100%.

I then created a test WPF application to see whether it may have been underlying code, or whether it is just the TextBox that is the culprit. Turns out, IT IS!

My test form only o

iexplore.exe: Debugging SHDocVw.InternetExplorer.Quit not closing iexplore.exe process

I think there's no definite answer so how would you approach debugging this problem?:

My main app (a MicroStation plugin) launces IE using the SHDocVw.InternetExplorer COM wrapper, interacts with it, hides it when it is not used (e.g. intercepts when the user closes the window and sets InternetExplorer.Visible to false).

When the main app is closed the plugin closes IE by calling InternetExplorer.Quit but the iexplore process is left running (the IE is hidden at the moment the ma

vmware.exe: which vmware server is a better choice and which host OS (for QE)

we are setting up new QE testing server. I guess host OS will be win2008

Which vmware server to choose - 1.x or 2.x ?

A year ago I tried vmware 1 server with Win2008 and it did not work at all.

However, Vmware server 2 did not seem to have the handy vmware console
VMware Server Consolevmware.exe
(is the new vmware server2 still just web based?)

we have a lot of vmware 1 images, are these ok for v2?

Or is it just better to go with HyperV?

outlook.exe: Open Outlook.exe from cmd with body text containing newlines

I'm trying to open Microsoft Outlook 2010 from cmd, but I'd like the body of the email to contain line breaks/newlines.

'C:ProgramsMicrosoft OfficeOffice14OUTLOOK.EXE' /c ipm.note /m ' 1 Line 2'

With that outlook 2010 opens correctly with email addresses, the subject but i can't figure out how to automatically insert a newline.

I've tried with /0, , , , , , $_ but it still write it as

msdtc.exe: Chef Guard for Windows Firewall with Custom GUID

I am able to create a custom Windows Firewall rule with Chef and Powershell. I am having a problem with not_if.

I have used the Registry key methods from here:

A custom firewall rule creates a registry key with a random GUID. I am not able to use the methods because I do not know the key name. The key value will be the same on each node, but not the key name.

The following works. But a custom key has a GUID for the ke

system: Is JColibri functional yet?

I am building a case-based reasoning system in Colibri Studio, but I keep running into build errors. The documentation is sparse - does anyone else successfully get Colibri Studio to properly build in Eclipse? It is currently in beta 0.9, but it seems to be a little behind beta.

I was thinking that it may be my data, but I don't have a solid way to check this.

Colibri Studio is from GAIA, link here:

It is supposed to be hig

taskmgr.exe: Is it possible to add functionality to Vista/7 taskmgr.exe?

I was wondering if anyone knew whether taskmgr.exe in Windows Vista/7 was extend-able via a plugin system.

I found this, but this is limited to XP,2k3 and he specifically states he didn't know about vista's and seven's.

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