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Is there a way to inject behavior to csrss.exe and modify/enhance windows console?

I'm aware of Console2 and similar solutions, but I would really like to enhance every console window in my system. Any ideas?

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Is it possible to get the “Image Path Name” of csrss.exe which is a SYSTEM process?
Hunting down application errors coming from csrss.exe
batch or vbs forced BSOD
Is there a way to inject behavior to csrss.exe and modify/enhance windows console?
make a windows 7 machine crash on BSOD
What does the csrss.exe process do?
is ??c:windows path legitimate

csrss.exe: Is it possible to get the “Image Path Name” of csrss.exe which is a SYSTEM process?

The windows system process (in Windows 7 for this example) 'csrss.exe' runs as a SYSTEM process and when I go to get (programmatically, of course) the process list with pid, command line, and image path name I get no values for command line or image path name because Windows won't let you grab that information for a SYSTEM process (I believe).

Is there a way I can grab image path name from a SYSTEM process? Does Windows actually prevent you from doing this? Is there a workaround?


csrss.exe: Hunting down application errors coming from csrss.exe

I'm the maintainer of a legacy Delphi application. On machines running this program an Application Error appears sometimes with the caption referring to this Delphi app and a message like the following:

The instruction at '...' referenced memory at '...'. The memory could not be 'read'.

Click on OK to terminate the program.

Task Manager says the process belonging to this message box is csrss.exe. What would be a systematic way to find the root cause of this e

csrss.exe: batch or vbs forced BSOD

Is there a way is batch or vbs to force the blue screen of death to appear, or a forced crash. This can happen from stopping the process 'csrss.exe' but it wont close via simple batch or vbs script. How can this be done?

csrss.exe: Is there a way to inject behavior to csrss.exe and modify/enhance windows console?

I'm aware of Console2 and similar solutions, but I would really like to enhance every console window in my system. Any ideas?

csrss.exe: make a windows 7 machine crash on BSOD

I'm trying to write a windows debug utility and I would need to automatically crash a Windows machine and make a Blue Screen Of Death appear.

I can obviously kill the csrss.exe process from the task manager, but the command TASKKILL /F /IM csrss.exe in a .bat file doesn't work.

Is there another way to make a Windows machine crash on bsod? Maybe some external library able to kill any process.

I would prefer to use a command line approach since I'm more familiar with it.

csrss.exe: What does the csrss.exe process do?

What is the purpose of the csrss.exe (Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem) on Windows?

Maybe someone could give a good explanation or pointers to documentation? Unfortunately Google results are pretty noisy when searching a core process of Windows.

The reason I'm asking is that I got a BSOD from my service application which seems to be related to the csrss.exe process, at least this is what the analysis of the memory dump shows:



csrss.exe: is ??c:windows path legitimate

I am going to check loading and memory path of process to find malicious processes. for example if csrss.exe is executaed from other path than windows/system32 would be considered malicious. But the result of volatility for common process such as csrss.exe is as follow:

loading path : ??C:WINDOWSsystem32csrss.exe

mapped path : WINDOWSsystem32csrss.exe

or for sms.exe I have

loading path : SystemRootSystem32smss.exe

mapped path : WINDOWSsystem32smss.

dllhost.exe: Why cant I profile using vsperfmon by attaching to dllhost.exe?

I have a native C++ project that uses COM to communicate with a separate project in VB.NET. I have been able to successfully profile the native project in the past by attaching the project to a separate exe that references the native dll. I'm now trying to profile the native project by connecting to dllhost.exe. This configuration works, since I'm able to debug through dllhost, but if I try and profile the code (or just attach the profiler to dllhost while I'm debugging), the profiler stops and

svchost.exe: Memory leak in svchost.exe while running a particular windows service

I programmed a windows service which connects to webservices on another server.
I get severe memory increase in the svchost.exe process. And the following warning message in the event logs.

Warning ID: 1530
user registry handles leaked from RegistryUser....:
Process ... (Device....WindowsSystem32svchost.exe) has opened key REGISTRYUSER....PrintersDevModePerUser

Running environment: windows server 2008 R2 SP1 x64

I would appreciate the help!

defrag.exe: what the best and simplest way to find out whether a volume need defrag?

I am writing a application that monitor the system's health, user should know when they need to defrag the volumes.

What I am thinking is calling the 'defrag.exe /A' then analyze the output result to see whether it contains 'You do not need to defragment this volume.'

But it's slow and very bad, I fount that the 'Analyze' is really quick on the MyDefrag.exe.

Anyone could tell me what's the best and simplest way?

df.exe: Is there a better way to find the percent of one column that meets a criteria for each value…

I have a data frame with columns grade.equivalent and scaled.score, both numeric. I'd like to find the percent of students at or above a given scaled.score for all students at or above each grade.equivalent.

For example, given the following data frame:

df.ex <- data.frame(grade.equivalent=c(2.4,2.7,3.1,2.5,1.4,2.2,2.3,1.7,1.3,2.2),

I'd like to know for each grade.equivalent, what percent of students score

winhlp32.exe: How to insert numbering without changing other variables [closed]

I made this code so far but it's without numbering:

int add = files.Length;
DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo('c:\Windows');

FileInfo[] fiArr = di.GetFiles();

Console.WriteLine('The directory {0} contains the following files:', di.Name);
foreach (FileInfo f in fiArr) {
Console.WriteLine(' {0} ({1}) ', f.Name, f.Length);


i want the

vb6.exe: VB6 Will not Create EXE file - But it use to?

I am trying to compile a VB6 project. On the File Menu it use to display MAKE PROJ1.EXE. Now it displays MAKE PROJ1. (note EXE is missing) The program runs fine in the IDE. I can start with full compile. I can even create a set up disk from the packaging and deployment wizard. I have a sucessful install, but the package will not run. There is no exe file. Other vb project compile just fine. Can anyone lend a hand????

wrapper.exe: How to specifiy the start directory for the CruiseControl service wrapper under windows

CruiseControl has a nice service wrapper for windows to start CruiseControl automatically on booting up the computer. This could be very helpful if only the wrapper would not start CruiseControl in the installation directory.

Honestly: which self respecting build manager would mix build work and configuration files and application file of the build tool in one directory structure?

None of course. So is there a way to specify the directory in which wrapper.exe start the CruiseContr

mysqld.exe: What is mysqld.exe? [closed]

As soon as my Windows starts, I see a mysqld.exe in my Task Manager which uses 500 MB of memory.

What exactly is this, mysqld.exe ?

( Edit: Is it required for using mysql server on my computer? I mean why does it start as soon as Windows starts? Does it start the mysql server? )

mdm.exe: Visual Studio JIT Debugger loads extremely slow, 30 seconds

When I run a .Net program that executes


that should bring up the JIT debugger. Here is what happens on my machine:

An alert titled 'Machine Debug Manager' comes up, explaining its command line options. Ok, so this is mdm.exe, but could'nt it be silent?

The real issue comes now: Quite exactly 30 seconds later the Visual Studio JIT Debugger selection dialog comes up.

Since procmon does not show registry or file system act

rnaapp.exe: Rnaapp in Windows mobile 6.5 (Dialup connection)

In Windows mobile 5 I had a link (lnk file) wich cointained : 255#'windows naapp.exe' -e'test'. Using that lnk file I was able to dial a connection that I named 'test' (In WM 5.0).

Now I got a Samsung bt7610 with WM 6.5, and when I use my lnk file, it frezzes pop-up windows and makes no connection.

My guess is that there was a change in a rnapp.exe or somthing like that. Can anyboady help me?

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