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Server option for java.exe

What is the difference between server and client Hotspot. Is there any reason to switch production environment to -server. Please share your practical experience. Is there any performance boost? Related to Oracle UCM 10g

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Server option for java.exe
Regarding killing a particular Java.exe
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java.exe: difference between bin's java.exe and jre's java.exe?

I am new to java. I have a confusion which interpreter is used to execute java programs as I can see two java.exe one inside bin folder & other inside jre's bin folder.

Waiting for valuable answers of experts!!!

I want to add some details to clear my query:

Suppose java is installed in C:Program FilesJavaJdk1.6 Now, in this directory there is jre folder , bin folder & other folders as well but lets concentrate on these two. This ..jrein folder contains java.exe &

java.exe: Server option for java.exe

What is the difference between server and client Hotspot. Is there any reason to switch production environment to -server. Please share your practical experience. Is there any performance boost? Related to Oracle UCM 10g

java.exe: Regarding killing a particular Java.exe

I have java application say xxxx.exe. Which I manually kill that application, the corresponding Java.exe is still bound to the port, so that when I re-start my application. I cannot attach it to the port. When I check the log it says the connection is already established. JVM unable to bind?

When you kill the applicationname.exe, how would you force the corresponding java.exe file also to be killed?

java.exe: restart java.exe from an applet

I have an applet packaged with a third part dll (from JTwain). My applet scans documents from the TWAIN compatible default printer. The applet fails on a paper jam and won't recover. The user navigates away from the page and the applet is destroyed. When returning to the page it fails again. Closing the browser (which kills java.exe process on the pc), and then returning to the page clears the problem and everything works.

I want to restart everything without requiring users to close down

java.exe: Include java.exe in the runtime built

To create a installer for my javafx application, I have followed tutorial . And it as expected makes the installer.

The directory structure it makes is this:






The runtime contains the Java runtime. But the issue is, my application creates some Java process and it needs the path of the java.exe. But on browsing through the above folder runtime, it does not contain java.exe.


java.exe: Silent mode execution with java.exe

I would like to know if there is a way to execute the 'java.exe' as a background process (silent mode execution)

Ex: java -cp . MyClass arg1

I want to run the above statement as a background process , without opening command window

java.exe: Leakage of java.exe processes

In Emacs + clojure-mode/swank-clojure, when I quit, the java.exe process that was created doesn't get actually killed (as much as I select 'y' when asked for it). What could be the cause?

java.exe: killing process java.exe

I launch some batch file from my C# app via Process id. This file started java app. I cant recognize which process called java.exe must be kill to stop this application. Is there some more elegant way than kill them all, hope that i end the right one and dont kill some other important java app? Thanks for any help I really stuck there.


java.exe: Recompiling the java.exe laucher

I notice a file containing some Java source bundled with the standard JDK install. When unzipped I notice C source files for the Java launcher, etc.

However, when I download the Java platform source from, I see a different folder structure and different files being laid down. Whats the difference between the two?

I want to recompile the Java launcher (rebuild java.exe using java.c). I can only find java.c in the file that is part of th

java.exe: Symbols not loaded for java.exe

Im sure this question is probably worded poorly, so please ask me questions and Ill respond promptly.

Im compiling some code in debug and putting the resulting .dll where my web server starts from.
When I start the web server, a java.exe process gets started.
Im trying to hit a breakpoint in my code by attaching to this java process through Visual Studio,
but Im getting the 'no symbols have been loaded for this document' problem.

I think I need the .pdb symbol file for thi

java.exe: tomcat or java.exe stops responding

I have a Java/JSF web application deployed on Tomcat 6.24 and on UNIX system, and every now then it makes db connections to Oracle through JDBC. (And I'm closing every connection and I'm opening I double-checked that.)

The application works fine for the most part but some time later (3 hours, 6 hours etc) Tomcat stops responding (as if it's shut down, or never started) and I have to restart it. It adds no logs or whatsoever on catalina about the problem.

I tried to get thread dump

java.exe: Java.exe access is denied

I have problem with access to java.exe from not parent directory.

Windows Vista Home Premium, JDK 7.

I need to execute java.exe from any directory, but when I try to run it from Command Promt, I get message 'Access is denied'. I configured all related environment variables. Access rights to this file allow me to run it. All folders have read permissions.

If I run it from parent directory, everything is OK.

Does anybody know what's the problem?

java.exe: Get path to java.exe [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

Find absolute java.exe path programatically from java code

1 answer

I need help with getting path to java.exe. But I need it to do with java code. And I want it to work on Linux and Mac and on other systems too, so there won't be java.exe, I don't know what's there.

Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks.

java.exe: Process.StandardInput.WriteLine Not working on Java.exe

I'm having an issue with the following code:

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
cmdOutput = new StringBuilder('');
cmdProcess = new Process();

cmdProcess.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = @'C:android-sdk ools';
cmdProcess.StartInfo.FileName = @'java';
cmdProcess.StartInfo.Arguments = @'-Xmx512m -Djava.ext.dirs=lib;libx86_64 -jar libmonkeyrunner.jar';


java.exe: Is the java.exe program the actual VM? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

Totally Confused with java.exe

3 answers

The JDK comes with the java.exe (for windows) program. You can use it to start programs from the command line.

Wikipedia says it's the 'id loader', and 'an interpreter for id files'.

Is this the actual full blown JVM? Is it a 'smaller, lightweight' JVM? Is it something

srvany.exe: Searching for srvany.exe from Windows 7 Resource Kit: is this actual software or just a book?

I'm looking for a version of the Windows Resource Kit supported on Windows 7. But I'm having a hard time finding a download location or any information on where to get that software from (e.g. installation CDs for the OS or IDE).

When searching for 'windows 7 resource kit' on Google, I get a lot of results for this book from Microsoft Press:

Do I need to buy this book to get access to the software or is there another

smss.exe: Subprocess.Popen() : hide the cmd shell

I am trying to call an executable at startup, which will call another executable itself. For the first part, I simply added the path to the executable to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun, which works, my executable is called at startup.

The latter contains, among others, these lines :

startupinfo = subprocess.STARTUPINFO()
startupinfo.dwFlags |= subprocess.STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW
startupinfo.wShowWindow = subprocess.SW_HIDE
proc = subprocess.Popen(

win.exe: WampServer 2.5 php-win.exe task

WampServer 2.5 starts a php-win.exe process on (re-)start.

This process uses a lot of CPU and I/O, causing slowdowns on one of my harddisks and effectively 100% use of one of my CPU cores.

I typically just kill the process manually, which doesn't seem to affect anything in any way.

But I would rather the process didn't start at all, or somehow use less CPU and I/O.

What does the php-win.exe process do and how I can change it?

ntkrnlpa.exe: Windbg “Processes and Threads” window doesn't change context when kernel debugging

My 'Processes and Threads' window is stuck on 000:f0f0f0f0 ntkrnlpa.exe.

I tried changing the context in various ways, none of which affected the window.

My actions:

kd> !process 0 0 notepad.exe
PROCESS 821ff378 SessionId: 0 Cid: 0358 Peb: 7ffd7000 ParentCid: 05e0
DirBase: 090801a0 ObjectTable: e18fb7b8 HandleCount: 132.
Image: notepad.exe

kd> .process /i 821ff378
You need to continue execution (press 'g' <enter>) for the contex

thunderbird.exe: Create Thunderbird email from Excel macro

I have written a VB macro in Excel which creates and sends an email using MS Outlook.

So I create an Outlook.Application, and then create an Outlook.Application.CreateItem(olMailItem).

This all works fantastically :) But now I have realized the machine I wanted to deploy it on does not have Outlook, and getting a licensed copy of Outlook is not an option. So how can I make this send an email through Thunderbird instead?

I can launch the application using this:


windows.exe: What does 'ml' stand for in 'netbeans-7.0-ml-windows.exe'?

I have just downloaded Netbeans 7 and wondered what 'ml' stands for in 'netbeans-7.0-ml-windows.exe'?

extrac32.exe: Extracting .cab files

I want to extract all .cab files inside a particular folder in c# .net

static int ExtractCabFiles()


Console.WriteLine('Extracting Cab files');
string strCommand = @'extrac32.exe';
var strArrCabDetails = new string[3];
strArrCabDetails[0] = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings['Cab_Files_Path'];
strArrCabDetails[1] = '/L';
strArrCabDetails[2] = Configur

ftp.exe: Why I cannot get the output of ftp.exe by code?

I execute the ftp.exe cmd through a C# System.Diagnostics.Process type. And I use the following code to get the 'ftp.exe' output after I programmatically enter a 'help' command. But I can only get the first line of the result. And I never get to the 'end' output part. The whole program seems blocked.

Process p = new Process();
p.StartInfo.FileName = @'C:WindowsSystem32ftp.exe';
p.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;
p.StartInfo.RedirectStandardInput = true;

optimize.exe: Optmizing functions

There is a section of the book I am using to learn c++ which teaches about optimizing functions.

The code is as follows:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int computeFactorials(int, int);

int factorial(int);

int main() {
computeFactorials(1, 5);
return 0;

int computeFactorials(int num, int max) {
cout << 'Factorial of ' << num << ': ';
cout << factorial(num) << endl;

netdde.exe: Windows batch file: rename files (possibly in multiple folders) based on input file (of targ…

I am a Batch-newbie, so please accept my apologies and Thanks in advance !

This 'tool' is to automate the slimming down of Windows (XP) by disabling certain system driver, DLL and EXE files. Instead of outright deletion, I wish to rename-in-place, thus 'removing' them from the OS, but not losing sight of where they belong (should any need to be 'restored'). Renaming is accomplished by appending a new suffix to the existing filename (eg: 'wdmaud.drv.group_1') The renaming suffix should

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