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Optmizing functions

There is a section of the book I am using to learn c++ which teaches about optimizing functions.

The code is as follows:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int computeFactorials(int, int);

int factorial(int);

int main() {
computeFactorials(1, 5);
return 0;

int computeFactorials(int num, int max) {
cout << 'Factorial of ' << num << ': ';
cout << factorial(num) << endl;
if(num > max)
return 0;
computeFactorials(num, max);

int factorial(int n) {
int result;
if (n == 1)
result = 1;
result = (factorial(n-1) * n);
return result;

Here is the program execution:

Factorial of 10: 3628800

C:MyProgramsc++ optimize.cpp -o optimize.exe

Factorial of 1: 1
Factorial of 2: 2
Factorial of 3: 6
Factorial of 4: 24
Factorial of 5: 120

I can follow up to num == 3, but when it gets to 4 my logic doesn't add up with the results. I am reading the code like this:

computeFactorials(1,5), 1 meaning the number to start at, and 5 meaning the maximum number of loops. I'm going to start at 3 per se because I understand 1 and 2 as num.

'Factorial of ' (3) : factorial(3), then in the factorial function 3 is subtracted by 1 equaling 2, and then multiplied by 3 for a result of 6.

However, when the program gets to num equaling 4 this doesn't seem to make any sense anymore. Because the int result of the factorials() functions should equal 12 not 24.

else result = (factorials (4-1) * 4) ;

3 * 4 = 12, not 24. How is this program getting to 24 and not 12? Then once again doing the same thing on num = 5, getting 120 rather than 20.

Please help me understand, I am still very nooby in this language, thank you. :)

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Optmizing functions

optimize.exe: Optmizing functions

There is a section of the book I am using to learn c++ which teaches about optimizing functions.

The code is as follows:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int computeFactorials(int, int);

int factorial(int);

int main() {
computeFactorials(1, 5);
return 0;

int computeFactorials(int num, int max) {
cout << 'Factorial of ' << num << ': ';
cout << factorial(num) << endl;

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