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A short overview of some popular processes on Windows (TM)

An article by George T. Bonyard, computer expert

When you open the Task manager, there is always a buch of process names, which sounds really weird to an average computer user - like ccsvchst.exe, aawservice.exe or very common csrss.exe.
So, how Can I recoginze, if, for example, daemonu.exe is a virus, or if i can remove ACDaemon.exe?

First of all, there is a lot of processes which simply should run most, or all the time. The nice example is ALG windows component.

Most of other processes is related to particular windows software, like those parts of AVG antivirus system: avgcsrvx server component, avgnt.exe, or this Avast antivirus process: avastsvc.exe. The best way how to identify if they are harmless is to check them through AntiVirus software. Also check other users opinions here, like is atieclxx.exe a virus?

Do you need to remove some processes?

Try our quick guite to removal unvanted processes. For example how to remove dot1xcfg.exe. Learn to delete distnoted.exe or remove brs.exe. Another removal guides: for bcu.exe, acs.exe and batindicator.

Troubleshooting - high CPU usage and not responding processes

Sometimes the process uses too many computer resources. Like this high cpu problem with apache.exe.
Or you got the message "the process is not responding", for example btstackserver.exe is not responding.
At this situation, the first to do is to try the computer-expert "magic-wand" - restart the computer. 90% of the problems can be "solved" this way. Do not ask me why :)

The popular names

Bservice.exe, driver.exe, cfp.exe or conhost.exe are the processes, which are most often searched by our users.

Here are also df.exe, consent and popular cli.exe. Very common updater is cfpupdat.exe and "something" related to ATI cards is atiedxx.exe.

And, finally, there are some processes whe do not know the purpose yet, please join the discussion, if you have avp.exe or process named apoint.exe or this strange 00thotkey.exe process, which looks suspicious to me.

With all the best, and do NOT forget to scan your computer regularly!
George (at) SU