Dynamic link library CH7XXW9X.DLL (CH7XXW9X), version

What is CH7XXW9X.DLL: It is part of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 software (component of program or application)

Other issues: DirectX, Microsoft operating system, update Security net or/on office apps, download

Sometimes you meet: High CPU consumption. Massive procesor usage, CH7XXW9X.DLL is missing

CH7XXW9X.DLL library
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DLL file details:
Copyright: Copyright (c) 1998-2000 Intel Corporation.
Original filename: Ch700x9x.dll
Internal filename: Ch700x9x.dll
Internal version:
Author (manufacturer, producer): Intel Corporation
Text description: Ch700x Minidriver for Intel Graphics Driver
Filename: CH7XXW9X.DLL
File size: 32768 bytes (32 kB)
Default location:
Is 16 bit?:
Is this DLL a part of OS?: N/A
User reviews: nobody reviewed this
Security rating: Not rated yet
Security review: not available
Readable text from DLL file: L!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.?Rich?.text?`.rdata?@.data?.rsrc?@.reloc?QE%?MQ3?UREPz&?DMQ3?UREPN'?;t3?EP3?MQUR4&?H M?ugE?y@t?uqE?y@t?E S?y@t?udE?z(M?uqE?y@t?B ?@$X?ElW?z@t?x(M?PDE?PHE?PLE?Q PPE?x8dv?Q8U?URj?EPv#?EPj?EP!?B0E?URj?F}:?MQj?MQ

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Typical errors for CH7XXW9X.DLL: trojan, runtime error, missing dll file, virus found in, howto delete, remove, replace, start removal, repair, correcting CH7XXW9X.DLL, downlaod patch...

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