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Two listeners on the same port?

I was surprised to see netstat reporting two processes listening on the same port:

c:WindowsSystem32>netstat -ao | find '8083'
TCP ***qa-w2k8-05:0 LISTENING 5532
TCP ***qa-w2k8-05:0 LISTENING 1572
TCP [::]:8083 ***qa-w2k8-05:0 LISTENING 5532
TCP [::]:8083 ***qa-w2k8-05:0 LISTENING 1572

c:WindowsSystem32>tasklist | find '5532'
java.exe 5532 RDP-Tcp#0 2 1,448,776 K

c:WindowsSystem32>tasklist | find '1572'
FrameworkService.exe 1572 Services 0 11,016 K

The Java process is my web server, FrameworkService is Mcafee. The http request does not even reach my server so I am assuming it reaches Mcafee. Shouldn't one of them get Bind error/Address already in use or some such error?

I am running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, 6.1.7600 N/A Build 7600

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Two listeners on the same port?
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