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Getting error in installing setup with inno setup with windows xp version?

I'm using Inno Setup for creating installer using the following directive values:

ArchitecturesInstallIn64BitMode=x64 ia64

It works fine on Windows 7, but fails on Windows XP. Do you know, where could be the problem ?

I have tested the PC installer on Vista, administrator account, Java not installed. The installer worked correctly. Microsoft Security Essentials was installed on this system, and did not cause any problems for the installer.

Because there were no problems on Vista, I tried the installer again on XP, administrator account, Java installed, MSE running. - As soon as I opened the USB drive to copy the installer onto the destop, MsMpEng.exe began to take 30 - 40% of the CPU time, and the computer became unresponsive. After ca. 10 - 12 minutes MsMpEng activity declined, and I was able to copy the installer to the desktop.However, as soon as the installer was on the desktop MsMpEng again began to take 40-50$ of the CPU time, and the system became unresponsive.

As I result of these tests I think that the problem I am seeing only occurs on XP running MSE. Vista and Win 7 run
one version of MSE. There is a separate version for XP. It is this XP version that seems to be causing the problem. Please help me regarding this issue.

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