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ATI’s Command Line Interface, shortened to cli.exe, is used to send information between an ATI graphics card driver and its main control center, allowing for you to adjust the features of your graphics card by accessing the Catalyst Control Center Program.


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cli.exe Security risk rating: N/A
Trojan and malware info: N/A*
Typical errors: File not found, An error occurred in file, Not responding, Application Error 0x, Howto delete, stop, run, remove and find the file.
Note: N/A means "Not available". That means that now we have no information if this process is harmful or not.

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User (IP) Security risk
98.66.185.* Very low
Catalyst control interface, IMHO

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cli.exe version list:

The name cli.exe can be used by many programs from different vendors. Also, the same vendor can create cli.exe in more than one version. Thus, we distinguish between all such variants by so called "checksum". Checksum is unique number identifying particular version of cli.exe:

Security Checksum (MD5) Version Location Size (bytes) Manufacturer
N/A FEB79D7D 1.1.1879.40242 None 32768 - Unknown -
N/A 5A7185BD None 45056 ATI Technologies Inc.
N/A C104379C 1.2.2044.224 None 61440 ATI Technologies Inc.
N/A 6B1C881D 1.2.2006.283 None 32768 ATI Technologies Inc.
N/A 5463791C 1.0.1768.40243 None 32768 - Unknown -
N/A E3769A53 1.0.1790.819 None 32768 - Unknown -
N/A 7A0193B1 1.0.1733.17318 None 28672 - Unknown -
N/A 18AE537E 1.2.2101.410 None 57344 - Unknown -
N/A AB814181 1.2.2047.42393 None 61440 - Unknown -
N/A D2C65126 1.2.1958.42104 None 32768 - Unknown -
N/A None - Unknown -
N/A 12166129 None 45056 - Unknown -
N/A 5EA91BD4 1.1.1858.40293 None 32768 - Unknown -
N/A 35045D37 1.2.1949.42411 None 32768 - Unknown -
N/A 6ABD435D 1.2.2051.42442 None 57344 - Unknown -
N/A 3161696E 1.0.1698.24173 None 28672 - Unknown -
N/A fc5e8b2d None - Unknown -
N/A 367f3d59 None ATI Technologies Inc.
N/A e3cb78c4 None ATI Technologies Inc.
N/A 4a0af54 None ATI Technologies Inc.
N/A ec7f7115 1.2.1970.41625 None ATI Technologies Inc.
N/A 82ba1ce0 None ATI Technologies Inc.
N/A 728f4c9b None Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

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"C:\Program files\%subfolder%\"

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