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Typical errors: File not found, An error occurred in file, Not responding, Application Error 0x, Howto delete, stop, run, remove and find the file.

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java.exe version list:

The name java.exe can be used by many programs from different vendors. Also, the same vendor can create java.exe in more than one version. Thus, we distinguish between all such variants by so called "checksum". Checksum is unique number identifying particular version of java.exe:

Security Checksum (MD5) Version Location Size (bytes) Manufacturer
N/A 48244C80 49245 - Unknown -
N/A 873FCC66 49248 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A CEC33843 - Unknown -
N/A 764D162C 49248 - Unknown -
N/A - Unknown -
N/A FB4DDACD 20574 - Unknown -
N/A 64830D53 24672 - Unknown -
N/A ADED5388 24681 - Unknown -
N/A 33BA9C30 - Unknown -
N/A E324060A 49248 - Unknown -
N/A C947F01D 45161 - Unknown -
N/A 7ed23204 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 16f18444 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 40203589 - Unknown -
N/A d64e044e Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 2e23d793 - Unknown -
N/A 60b83e03 - Unknown -
N/A b69f02c2 - Unknown -
N/A 9e54db99 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 91592fa4 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A f86bb7e Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 40d28a49 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 8e321bb2 6.0.310.5 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 3f68f7d 6.0.300.12 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A dfcb4ee6 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 6cb202ec Oracle Corporation
N/A 591e65da Oracle Corporation
N/A b189f29a 6.0.330.3 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A f2d57cb4 Oracle Corporation
N/A c42201b - Unknown -
N/A c696415b Oracle Corporation
N/A 42498eda 6.0.340.4 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 5b17ed04 6.0.320.5 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A be6abc22 6.0.350.10 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 78dd9915 Oracle Corporation
N/A c9062aa2 6.0.370.6 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 137788d4 Oracle Corporation
N/A bdc244d4 Oracle Corporation
N/A 2b62fafc Oracle Corporation
N/A d2092c81 Oracle Corporation
N/A b834bcc1 Oracle Corporation
N/A f34eb4b3 6.0.390.4 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 7d80ba1b Oracle Corporation
N/A 272ce3f4 Oracle Corporation
N/A 321c0363 Oracle Corporation
N/A ef8d332b Oracle Corporation
N/A cab53895 Oracle Corporation
N/A c4d7e665 6.0.410.2 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A bac1208d Oracle Corporation
N/A d657a372 7.0.400.43 Oracle Corporation
N/A 1e0228b4 7.0.450.18 Oracle Corporation
N/A eec45608 Oracle Corporation
N/A 510c1e0f 7.0.510.13 Oracle Corporation
N/A 9bb58e10 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 90617996 7.0.550.14 Oracle Corporation
N/A 5f54b7b6 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A b5958fff 7.0.550.13 Oracle Corporation
N/A 6a453c48 7.0.600.19 Oracle Corporation
N/A 74d8bbdf - Unknown -
N/A 9a73319b 7.0.650.20 Oracle Corporation
N/A 514c172f 7.0.670.1 Oracle Corporation
N/A 90c2101e 7.0.710.14 Oracle Corporation
N/A b87f62c Oracle Corporation
N/A 35dcd4b5 Oracle Corporation
N/A 5b54a24a Oracle Corporation
N/A 28c51994 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A d758ed94 8.0.600.27 Oracle Corporation
N/A ffffffff Oracle Corporation
N/A 8447ee67 8.0.650.17 Oracle Corporation
N/A 81a5747e 8.0.660.18 Oracle Corporation
N/A 7d66c095 8.0.660.17 Oracle Corporation
N/A 3d20b617 8.0.730.2 Oracle Corporation
N/A acd4fb61 7.0.800.15 Oracle Corporation

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