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What is javaw.exe - purpose and description:

Sun Java Virtual Machine. <br>Sun Microsystems process which gives functionality to this Internet protocol.<br>


Ports opened by this process:

This process opens 1 ports. See details of ports opened by javaw.exe

javaw.exe Security risk rating: N/A
Trojan and malware info: N/A*
Typical errors: File not found, An error occurred in file, Not responding, Application Error 0x, Howto delete, stop, run, remove and find the file.
Note: N/A means "Not available". That means that now we have no information if this process is harmful or not.

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User (IP) Security risk
98.66.185.* Very low
JAVA, again. They have lots of programs of those names

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New: Windows dynamic link library DB: Licence.dll bsprofilefunc.dll core_rl_magick_.dll trkwks.dll mcshllps.dll comadmin.dll xenapo64.dll smplfsys.dll lftif12n.dll core_rl_jpeg_.dll

javaw.exe version list:

The name javaw.exe can be used by many programs from different vendors. Also, the same vendor can create javaw.exe in more than one version. Thus, we distinguish between all such variants by so called "checksum". Checksum is unique number identifying particular version of javaw.exe:

Security Checksum (MD5) Version Location Size (bytes) Manufacturer
N/A 629B505E None 20549 - Unknown -
N/A BC00A301 None 49247 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 8D7BCA68 None 20576 - Unknown -
N/A None - Unknown -
N/A 3960A4A3 None 42072 - Unknown -
N/A 74EBA863 None 20572 - Unknown -
N/A A408B80E None 49250 - Unknown -
N/A 55193BE4 None 53346 - Unknown -
N/A 9B274873 None 24672 - Unknown -
N/A A1785505 None 45163 - Unknown -
N/A 72D57511 None 49250 - Unknown -
N/A 2913C1AB None 53346 - Unknown -
N/A BBD95DCF None 45163 - Unknown -
N/A 75b474e8 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 1c7d4243 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 9589a318 None - Unknown -
N/A 6d1af5b7 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 1ac98207 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 6433ac80 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 95a6761a None - Unknown -
N/A 5ecefd9c None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 998b0dc8 None - Unknown -
N/A 59afbceb None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A b874d504 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 5a036498 None - Unknown -
N/A 3d55c152 None - Unknown -
N/A 9b397648 None - Unknown -
N/A 9020b14f None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 632bda99 None - Unknown -
N/A 4a6c8329 None - Unknown -
N/A b1c33b5c None Oracle Corporation
N/A 2552862a 6.0.320.5 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 8206076d 6.0.330.3 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A f5a4db01 None Oracle Corporation
N/A e88824e2 None Oracle Corporation
N/A c1592280 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 75d7b2c5 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 4e8c208d 6.0.330.5 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 102da4ce 6.0.340.4 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A f20cb3c0 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 52d9ca84 6.0.350.10 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A a7678982 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 990daeb5 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A b499000e None Oracle Corporation
N/A cbe8f857 6.0.370.6 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 8ee5e262 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 27b686d8 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 6364b3af None Oracle Corporation
N/A 873dac34 None Oracle Corporation
N/A d9804786 6.0.390.4 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 9f962c2 None Oracle Corporation
N/A d10ecbd8 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 8999e011 None Oracle Corporation
N/A e06eac1e None Oracle Corporation
N/A 58d04d4d None Oracle Corporation
N/A 61e02b69 6.0.410.2 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A ea093167 None Oracle Corporation
N/A ef310750 7.0.400.43 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 2700e9ee 7.0.450.18 None Oracle Corporation
N/A dbd94c71 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 54c396e None Oracle Corporation
N/A efa34b25 7.0.510.13 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 9efe4f01 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 64d84c66 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 3046226f 7.0.550.14 None Oracle Corporation
N/A b4c6bdbf None Oracle Corporation
N/A 3c8cb7e3 7.0.550.13 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 8d032298 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 79ba8bfe 7.0.600.19 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 81474b78 7.0.650.20 None Oracle Corporation
N/A f908b3b6 6.0.450.6 None Sun Microsystems, Inc.
N/A 7ad10847 7.0.670.1 None Oracle Corporation
N/A e7d362ac None Oracle Corporation
N/A c556be31 7.0.710.14 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 6e159baa None Oracle Corporation
N/A b974afdd None Oracle Corporation
N/A ad11102 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 2902d750 None Oracle Corporation
N/A a0192f45 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 86c9609 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 49979561 7.0.800.15 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 9c0043b7 8.0.600.27 None Oracle Corporation
N/A f3f1109a None Oracle Corporation
N/A df69ef2a 8.0.650.17 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 35916550 8.0.660.18 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 1bb6b460 8.0.730.2 None Oracle Corporation
N/A a571134e 8.0.1120.15 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 22113957 7.0.670.1 None Oracle Corporation
N/A d813a004 8.0.1440.1 None Oracle Corporation
N/A c5bfebf7 8.0.1510.12 None Oracle Corporation
N/A 6100ee89 8.0.1610.12 None Oracle Corporation
N/A c7443446 8.0.710.15 None Oracle Corporation

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