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What is mstask.exe - purpose and description:

Windows Task Scheduler

mstask.exe Security risk rating: N/A
Trojan and malware info: N/A*
Typical errors: File not found, An error occurred in file, Not responding, Application Error 0x, Howto delete, stop, run, remove and find the file.
Note: N/A means "Not available". That means that now we have no information if this process is harmful or not.

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mstask.exe version list:

The name mstask.exe can be used by many programs from different vendors. Also, the same vendor can create mstask.exe in more than one version. Thus, we distinguish between all variants of mstask.exe using so called "checksum". Checksum is unique number identifying particular version of mstask.exe:

Checksum (MD5) Version Size (in bytes) Manufacturer
131035C1 4.71.2721.1 131072
78ACC25F 4.71.1972.1 112912
CC5092CB 4.71.1959.1 111888
B6AF4BBB 4.71.2721.1 126976
E2DF608D 4.71.1968.1 114448
77B5A0B 4.71.2721.1 126976
974DDE10 4.71.2195.6972 123152
89006F15 4.71.2195.6920 120592
FBEAE6C8 4.71.2137.1 119568
52A5414E 4.71.1972.1 112912
1EA33762 4.71.1959.1 126976
BC461806 4.71.2195.6972 122640
D46CAC81 4.71.1972.1 113936
F2DEF54A 4.71.1968.1 111888
FBC9DCE0 4.71.2195.6704 121104
8E4F98DA 4.71.1959.1 111376
D14D230C 4.71.2195.6704 119568
85BCF0D0 4.71.2137.1 118032
710BE285 4.71.1959.1 118784
5242CEF0 4.71.2721.1 126976
B59B1A01 4.71.1968.1 113424
45A120F7 4.71.2721.1 118368
2DB19CF9 4.71.2195.6704 119568
F137C247 4.71.2721.1 126976
1333FED2 4.71.1959.1 118784
6B3EDD27 4.71.1959.1 118784
AF6F7515 4.71.1972.1 112912
679AF21B 4.71.1959.1 118784
325A93DE 4.71.1968.1 113424
3DD16141 4.71.2721.1 126976
5D710514 4.71.2195.6972 122128
67E0BAD7 4.71.1972.1 111888
E4925000 4.71.2195.6920 121104
C955021B 4.71.1972.1 113424
841EDE32 4.71.2721.1 131072
AAA92FE9 4.71.2195.1 118032
AF62085B 4.71.2195.6972 123664
EA3AA66B 4.71.2195.6920 119568
BD8DFC22 4.71.2195.6972 122128
CE30094F 4.71.2195.6704 120592
26BC862F 4.71.2721.1 118368
73FE9415 4.71.1972.1 114448
783974A5 4.71.1959.1 118784
83ECCDD4 4.71.2721.1 131072
BF91E04C 4.71.2721.1 126976
342CEBE1 4.71.2721.1 131072
BC967DF 4.71.1959.1 111888
867F3ADE 4.71.2195.6972 123152
A061DF19 4.71.2195.6704 119568
723EB140 4.71.1959.1 118784
9FB4ED06 4.71.2195.1 120080
EF3B954 4.71.1959.1 118784
CA535BC5 4.71.1972.1 113424
8DD60E9B 4.71.2195.6972 123664
73221CD 4.71.2195.6704 120080
< unknown > 4.71.2721.1 118368

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