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DLL provided by Intel

For provider Intel we list those DLLs:

isrdbg32.dll, ver. 0.0 (isrdbg32, bg32, isrd), size 28 kB
adv01nt5.dll, ver. (adv01nt5, 1nt5, adv0), size 5 kB
adv02nt5.dll, ver. (adv02nt5, 2nt5, adv0), size 4 kB
adv05nt5.dll, ver. (adv05nt5, 5nt5, adv0), size 4 kB
adv07nt5.dll, ver. (adv07nt5, 7nt5, adv0), size 4 kB

adv08nt5.dll, ver. (adv08nt5, 8nt5, adv0), size 4 kB
adv09nt5.dll, ver. (adv09nt5, 9nt5, adv0), size 4 kB
adv11nt5.dll, ver. (adv11nt5, 1nt5, adv1), size 4 kB
atv01nt5.dll, ver. (atv01nt5, 1nt5, atv0), size 21 kB
atv02nt5.dll, ver. (atv02nt5, 2nt5, atv0), size 12 kB
atv04nt5.dll, ver. (atv04nt5, 4nt5, atv0), size 25 kB
atv06nt5.dll, ver. (atv06nt5, 6nt5, atv0), size 14 kB
atv10nt5.dll, ver. (atv10nt5, 0nt5, atv1), size 17 kB
ch7xxnt5.dll, ver. (ch7xxnt5, xnt5, ch7x), size 16 kB
i81xdnt5.dll, ver. (i81xdnt5, dnt5, i81x), size 687 kB
ir41_qc.dll, ver. (ir41_qc, 1_qc, ir41), size 118 kB
ir41_qcx.dll, ver. (ir41_qcx, _qcx, ir41), size 331 kB
ir50_32.dll, ver. R. (ir50_32, 0_32, ir50), size 738 kB
ir50_qc.dll, ver. R. (ir50_qc, 0_qc, ir50), size 196 kB
ir50_qcx.dll, ver. R. (ir50_qcx, _qcx, ir50), size 180 kB
siint5.dll, ver. (siint5, int5, siin), size 4 kB
vchnt5.dll, ver. (vchnt5, hnt5, vchn), size 12 kB
cv.dll, ver. 0, 9, 4, 1 (cv, cv, cv), size 1137 kB
cvaux.dll, ver. 0, 9, 4, 1 (cvaux, vaux, cvau), size 501 kB
highgui.dll, ver. 0, 9, 4, 1 (highgui, hgui, high), size 500 kB
ijl15.dll, ver. 1,51,12,44 (ijl15, jl15, ijl1), size 344 kB
ijl20.dll, ver. 2,0,16,48 (ijl20, jl20, ijl2), size 652 kB
IR50_32.DLL, ver. R. (IR50_32, 0_32, IR50), size 736 kB
IR50_QC.DLL, ver. R. (IR50_QC, 0_QC, IR50), size 208 kB
IR50_QCX.DLL, ver. R. (IR50_QCX, _QCX, IR50), size 192 kB
CLUSALGO.DLL, ver. 4.10.1998 (CLUSALGO, ALGO, CLUS), size 72 kB
ADV01NT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (ADV01NT4, 1NT4, ADV0), size 6 kB
ADV02NT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (ADV02NT4, 2NT4, ADV0), size 6 kB
ADV05NT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (ADV05NT4, 5NT4, ADV0), size 5 kB
ATV01NT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (ATV01NT4, 1NT4, ATV0), size 24 kB
ATV02NT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (ATV02NT4, 2NT4, ATV0), size 14 kB
ATV04NT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (ATV04NT4, 4NT4, ATV0), size 28 kB
ATV06NT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (ATV06NT4, 6NT4, ATV0), size 15 kB
CH7XXNT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (CH7XXNT4, XNT4, CH7X), size 18 kB
HCCUTILS.DLL, ver. 2, 1, 0, 3 (HCCUTILS, TILS, HCCU), size 92 kB
I81XDNT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (I81XDNT4, DNT4, I81X), size 109 kB
I81XGDEV.DLL, ver. (I81XGDEV, GDEV, I81X), size 356 kB
I81XGICD.DLL, ver. (I81XGICD, GICD, I81X), size 1844 kB
IGFXDEV.DLL, ver. 2, 1, 0, 3 (IGFXDEV, XDEV, IGFX), size 104 kB
IGFXEUD.DLL, ver. 2, 1, 0, 3 (IGFXEUD, XEUD, IGFX), size 148 kB
IGFXPPH.DLL, ver. 2, 1, 0, 3 (IGFXPPH, XPPH, IGFX), size 108 kB
IGFXSRVC.DLL, ver. 2, 1, 0, 3 (IGFXSRVC, SRVC, IGFX), size 156 kB
SIINT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (SIINT4, INT4, SIIN), size 6 kB
VCHNT4.DLL, ver. 4.03.1381.2697 (VCHNT4, HNT4, VCHN), size 14 kB
ADV01NT5.DLL, ver. (ADV01NT5, 1NT5, ADV0), size 5 kB
ADV02NT5.DLL, ver. (ADV02NT5, 2NT5, ADV0), size 4 kB
ADV05NT5.DLL, ver. (ADV05NT5, 5NT5, ADV0), size 4 kB
ATV01NT5.DLL, ver. (ATV01NT5, 1NT5, ATV0), size 21 kB
ATV02NT5.DLL, ver. (ATV02NT5, 2NT5, ATV0), size 11 kB
ATV04NT5.DLL, ver. (ATV04NT5, 4NT5, ATV0), size 24 kB
ATV06NT5.DLL, ver. (ATV06NT5, 6NT5, ATV0), size 12 kB
CH7XXNT5.DLL, ver. (CH7XXNT5, XNT5, CH7X), size 15 kB
I81XDNT5.DLL, ver. (I81XDNT5, DNT5, I81X), size 637 kB
SIINT5.DLL, ver. (SIINT5, INT5, SIIN), size 4 kB
VCHNT5.DLL, ver. (VCHNT5, HNT5, VCHN), size 11 kB
DIAGLANG.DLL, ver. 1.2.1 (DIAGLANG, LANG, DIAG), size 135 kB
GFXAPI.DLL, ver. 1.2.1 (GFXAPI, XAPI, GFXA), size 114 kB
IGFXHAL.DLL, ver. 1.2.1 (IGFXHAL, XHAL, IGFX), size 11 kB
VIDBIOS.DLL, ver. 1.2.1 (VIDBIOS, BIOS, VIDB), size 31 kB
CH7XXW9X.DLL, ver. (CH7XXW9X, XW9X, CH7X), size 17 kB
I81XCG9X.DLL, ver. (I81XCG9X, CG9X, I81X), size 76 kB
I81XDD.DLL, ver. (I81XDD, 1XDD, I81X), size 847 kB
I81XGDEV.DLL, ver. (I81XGDEV, GDEV, I81X), size 159 kB
I81XGICD.DLL, ver. (I81XGICD, GICD, I81X), size 1245 kB
REFRATE.DLL, ver. (REFRATE, RATE, REFR), size 188 kB
SIIW9X.DLL, ver. (SIIW9X, IW9X, SIIW), size 6 kB
ADV01W9X.DLL, ver. (ADV01W9X, 1W9X, ADV0), size 24 kB
ADV02W9X.DLL, ver. (ADV02W9X, 2W9X, ADV0), size 24 kB
ADV05W9X.DLL, ver. (ADV05W9X, 5W9X, ADV0), size 24 kB
ATV01W9X.DLL, ver. (ATV01W9X, 1W9X, ATV0), size 40 kB
ATV02W9X.DLL, ver. (ATV02W9X, 2W9X, ATV0), size 28 kB
ATV04W9X.DLL, ver. (ATV04W9X, 4W9X, ATV0), size 40 kB
ATV06W9X.DLL, ver. (ATV06W9X, 6W9X, ATV0), size 28 kB
CH7XXW9X.DLL, ver. (CH7XXW9X, XW9X, CH7X), size 32 kB
I81X329X.DLL, ver. (I81X329X, 329X, I81X), size 29 kB
I81XDD.DLL, ver. (I81XDD, 1XDD, I81X), size 900 kB
SIIW9X.DLL, ver. (SIIW9X, IW9X, SIIW), size 24 kB
VCHW9X.DLL, ver. (VCHW9X, HW9X, VCHW), size 28 kB
adv01w9x.dll, ver. (adv01w9x, 1w9x, adv0), size 24 kB
adv02w9x.dll, ver. (adv02w9x, 2w9x, adv0), size 24 kB
atv01w9x.dll, ver. (atv01w9x, 1w9x, atv0), size 40 kB
atv02w9x.dll, ver. (atv02w9x, 2w9x, atv0), size 28 kB
atv03w9x.dll, ver. (atv03w9x, 3w9x, atv0), size 52 kB
ch7xxw9x.dll, ver. (ch7xxw9x, xw9x, ch7x), size 32 kB
i81xcg9x.dll, ver. (i81xcg9x, cg9x, i81x), size 84 kB
i81xdd.dll, ver. (i81xdd, 1xdd, i81x), size 884 kB
i81xgdev.dll, ver. (i81xgdev, gdev, i81x), size 364 kB
i81xgicd.dll, ver. (i81xgicd, gicd, i81x), size 1460 kB
refrate.dll, ver. (refrate, rate, refr), size 148 kB
siiw9x.dll, ver. (siiw9x, iw9x, siiw), size 24 kB
hccutils.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (hccutils, tils, hccu), size 116 kB
ialmdd4.dll, ver. 4.03.1381.3510 (ialmdd4, mdd4, ialm), size 50 kB
ialmdev4.dll, ver. (ialmdev4, dev4, ialm), size 171 kB
ialmdnt4.dll, ver. 4.03.1381.3510 (ialmdnt4, dnt4, ialm), size 55 kB
ialmgdev.dll, ver. (ialmgdev, gdev, ialm), size 184 kB
ialmgicd.dll, ver. (ialmgicd, gicd, ialm), size 1816 kB
ialmkch4.dll, ver. (ialmkch4, kch4, ialm), size 47 kB
ialmrem.dll, ver. (ialmrem, mrem, ialm), size 72 kB
ialmsb4.dll, ver. 4.03.1381.3510 (ialmsb4, msb4, ialm), size 109 kB
igfxdev.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (igfxdev, xdev, igfx), size 144 kB
igfxdgps.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (igfxdgps, dgps, igfx), size 44 kB
igfxdo.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (igfxdo, fxdo, igfx), size 84 kB
igfxeud.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (igfxeud, xeud, igfx), size 216 kB
igfxhk.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (igfxhk, fxhk, igfx), size 116 kB
igfxpph.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (igfxpph, xpph, igfx), size 200 kB
igfxress.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (igfxress, ress, igfx), size 492 kB
igfxsrvc.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (igfxsrvc, srvc, igfx), size 308 kB
oemdspif.dll, ver. 3,0,0,2104 (oemdspif, spif, oemd), size 68 kB
ialmcoin.dll, ver. 1.00.1000.1 (ialmcoin, coin, ialm), size 64 kB
ialmdd5.dll, ver. (ialmdd5, mdd5, ialm), size 449 kB
i740dnt5.dll, ver. (i740dnt5, dnt5, i740), size 345 kB
i81xdnt5.dll, ver. Integrated Graphics 08:04PM (i81xdnt5, dnt5, i81x), size 572 kB
Msica.dll, ver. 4.3.2519 (Msica, sica, Msic), size 41 kB
Msicares.dll, ver. 4.3.2519 (Msicares, ares, Msic), size 17 kB
ir50_32.dll, ver. R. (ir50_32, 0_32, ir50), size 716 kB
ir50_qc.dll, ver. R. (ir50_qc, 0_qc, ir50), size 194 kB
ir50_qcx.dll, ver. R. (ir50_qcx, _qcx, ir50), size 178 kB
msica.dll, ver. 4.3.2203 (msica, sica, msic), size 49 kB
iyuv_32.dll, ver. V2.00.00.00 (iyuv_32, v_32, iyuv), size 64 kB
ir41_qc.dll, ver. (ir41_qc, 1_qc, ir41), size 132 kB
chipsd5.dll, ver. 1.36 (chipsd5, psd5, chip), size 83 kB
i81xdnt5.dll, ver. Eng. Sample 03:01AM (i81xdnt5, dnt5, i81x), size 478 kB
icam3ext.dll, ver. (icam3ext, 3ext, icam), size 28 kB
F5591_ijl11.dll, ver. 1.1.2 (F5591_ijl11, jl11, F559), size 176 kB

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