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Plugin DLL locked by w3wp.exe

Dynamics CRM 2011 on premise.

I have a registered plugin DLL that is called when the case/incident entity is created.

An exception is raised when this happens. I am investigating this.

The plugin is on disk (C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMServerinassembly) and I have to update it manually when I want to change the code. (This situation was created before me and I won't change it now.)

Whenever the exception is raised, the DLL becomes locked and the only way I can find to overwrite it is to restart IIS.

How can I unlock the file without restarting IIS?

Responses to answers

Which application pool?

None of the pools list the location of the DLL in this list:

The DLL is in C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMServerinassembly

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