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Lost Windows 7 transparency DWM not working properly

After installing new theme from Microsoft ( my Windows 7 lost all its transparency (Aero) effects and placed Windows Basic as the actual theme.
I've been googling for my problem for an hour now and I have not found any solutions.
All my attempts to fix this issue have failed.

I've tried running the standard wizard for for fixing transparency problems and I got a response:
Desktop Window Manager is disabled.
The Desktop Window Manager service is running all the time. I can see dwm.exe in the list of active processes. I've tried stop/starting DWM and Themes service to no effect.
I've tried running system restore but it did not solve the problem.
I have Avast antivirus all the time and I have scanned the disk, there are no viruses.
I've installed newest drivers from ATI and this also did not help.

I just don't know what to do any more short of re-installing Windows (and that is something I will not do just to get some fancy transparency effects)

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