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BitmapCache causes WPF application to lock up

Here's the scenario:

1: Our WPF application starts

2: The WPF application loads various user controls, including some that use the new BitmapCache feature in WPF 4

3: Hit ctrl-alt-delete or win+l or load another application which requires UAC

4: Cancel that stuff

The WPF application is now unresponsive, however it's WPF itself which is the problem. All the application logic on all the background threads is fine, and you can interact with it by pressing alt+f4, etc, but the screen never redraws

Points of note:

If you break into the debugger at this point there is no user code running, it's all WPF
Killing DWM.exe brings the application back to life
If we take out the BitmapCached elements, it doesn't lock up
I made another simple sample application which used BitmapCache, and it didn't exhibit the problem.


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