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How to get the second word on each line with regex?

I have the following output (string variable) with process lists:

chrome.exe 1680 RDP-Tcp#0 1 104,552 K
chrome.exe 8944 RDP-Tcp#0 1 133,680 K
csrss.exe 8880 Console 19 3,796 K
winlogon.exe 6728 Console 19 4,484 K
LogonUI.exe 9024 Console 19 19,552 K
dwm.exe 11476 Console 19 19,916 K
rdpclip.exe 8152 RDP-Tcp#0 1 8,240 K

How can I extract all PIDs using regex (PHP)?


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How to get the second word on each line with regex?
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