nicconfigsvc.exe - what to do when the file is corrupted or damaged

How to fix corrupted nicconfigsvc.exe on Windows 10, 11 (or earlier editions like XP, Windows 7 or 8)

nicconfigsvc.exe: When nicconfigsvc.exe is corrupted, the behavior of particular program or Windows itself can change dramatically. Because of nicconfigsvc.exe seems to be an exe file, that means, an executable program, it cannot function properly when damaged. Most of those problems starts with a hard disk problem, but it can be also a result of virus or other malware activity.

Steps to fix corrupted nicconfigsvc.exe

  1. Always run Checkdisk tool - it is a part of Windows - before trying anything else.
  2. Next step is to locate previous restore points and revert computer to saved state
  3. If above does not help, try to re/install the damaged software from the original source.
    Warning: never try to download the damaged file itself from untrusted sources or "fan" pages - it can be pretty risky, due to high amount of malware in such sites. If you in despair decide to do it anyway, please at least check the downloaded file on Virustotal
  4. There are paid IT services which can restore damaged files. The success rate is well below 100%, and the prices are pretty high. But, if your work or overall life happiness depends on repairing damaged nicconfigsvc.exe, give it a chance.

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What is nicconfigsvc.exe - purpose and description:


Ports opened by this process:

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nicconfigsvc.exe Trojan and malware info: N/A
Note: N/A is an abbreviation for "Not available". That means that now we have no information if this process is harmful or not.

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Windows process DB: knihjazd.exe memstat.exe sb4service.exe avgToolsSvc.exe hpwwangsassistant.exe ASCService.exe DecryptUngz_Net35.exe registryexpert_e9288c54132d42cda6bb8752e21e3d64_ (1).exe teamviewer_setup_cs[1].exe avBugReport.exe 2egwapavueu.exe PhotoSnap.exe investsoftproject.exe 31.0.1650.57_30.0.1599.101_chrome_updater.exe lxccppls.exe linkury.exe mwav.exe megafoninternetservice.exe vlak13e(14).exe stwrv50c.exe msifa.tmp 3cpxe.exe bdoesrv.exe ARP.EXE words.exe qlbutton.exe fastfreeconverterupdt.exe ccleanerbrowser.exe avss.exe sriecli.exe

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Security Checksum (MD5) Version Location Size (bytes) Manufacturer
N/A 7BAAF851 1. 0. 0. 1 356352

- Unknown -

N/A FDF30C79 1. 0. 0. 1 356352

- Unknown -

N/A 577256D9 7. 0. 9. 0 380928

- Unknown -

N/A 55291453 1. 0. 0. 1 356352

- Unknown -

N/A 541FF880 7. 0. 7. 0 380928

- Unknown -

N/A CBAE6782 7. 0. 7. 0 376832

- Unknown -

N/A D7B01496 7. 0. 7. 0 380928

- Unknown -

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